10 Awesome Apple Books for Preschoolers

One of our favorite preschool themes for fall is an apple theme. And, you can’t have an apple lesson without all of your favorite apple books!

Listed below are our top 10 picks for preschool apple books

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10 Apple Themed Preschool Books

This list should give you some fabulous ideas if you’re in the midst of planning an apple theme for your preschooler(s). 

Gail Gibbons is our go-to for living books about nature. “Apples” is filled with informative content that’s engaging for young children.

Gibbons helps you explore how apples grow, the different types of apples, and the various things people can make with apples. It also helps you identify the different parts of an apple, understand more about the history of apples, and gives you step-by-step instructions on how to make apple cider and apple pie. Yum! 

A must-have companion to go along with your Gail Gibbons Apples book.

The Seasons of Arnold’s Apple Tree helps preschoolers explore the various seasons throughout the year while learning how apples grow.

Your little one will love to see what Arnold can do with his apple each season. 

We found this book at our local library, and it’s just so delightful. When the market is closed, you just have to go out and travel the world to find those fresh ingredients.

Such a fun way to learn about the world, where certain foods are native to, and which ingredients you need to make scrumptious apple pie. 

Another Dr. Suess hit! An amusing twist on counting with a lion, tiger, and dog trying to see how many apples they can balance on their heads. 

This one always make my little giggle and she’s always so excited to count the balancing apples

We have two dogs that are rather good as begging, so it’s no wonder why my 3 year old gets such a kick out of this ABC story of a dog trying to (well persistent really) get a bite of apple pie.

This book tells a fun story while working in letter recognition and letter sounds for your preschooler. 

Another perfect pick for apple season. 

Follow Apple Farmer Annie as she picks and prepares to sell her apples at the farmers’ market. Explore the different types of foods and drinks you can make with apples and see the satisfaction that Annie gets from hard work in growing her own food. 

The text in this book is short and sweet, so even toddlers and fidgety preschoolers are likely to stick around for the whole story. 

Apples and Pumpkins is one of our favorite books for fall. 

I mean how can you get through fall without picking apples or searching for the perfect pumpkin? 

Such a sweet story to read before you head to the orchard or pumpkin patch. Plus, the illustrations are just so fun and colorful. 

Introduce STEM with this informative and inquisitive book. 

Jill McDonald does such an excellent job of explaining how apples grow in a simple, but not dumbed down, manner

Before you know it, your preschooler will be telling you all about the different parts of an apple and how they grow from seed to fruit. 

Apples to Oregon is a silly story that is perfect for learning about our nation’s history

In this tall tale, a pioneer family from Iowa heads west to Oregon with a wagon filled with baby apple trees (and lots of other kinds of fruits too). Follow them along their travels westward, as they face several hardships and obstacles along the way. 

Really get into it and read it with a silly accent. 😉

This book is seriously ingenious!

Apples and Robins is a simple, but sweet little story about an apple tree that is home to a family of birds. The art is absolutely fabulous, and little ones learn shapes, colors, and seasons

This book has a magical feel, as one thing turns into another as you turn each page

What are some of your preschooler’s favorite apple themed books? Share your top apple books in the comments below and be sure to share this post with other preschool parents. 

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