Apple Activities for Preschoolers

Planning an apple theme for your preschooler? Looking for all the best apple activities for play-based learning?

An apple unit study is a must-have for Fall in our house. But how can you keep things entertaining while still teaching your preschooler? 

In this post we’ll cover 11 preschool apple activities for hands-on learning

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11 Apple Activities for a Preschool Apple Theme

Here are 11 apple activities that are perfect for a preschool apple unit study.


Sorting is a great precursor to math for young preschoolers. 

I love these little attribute apples from learning resources, because my preschooler can sort them by size, color, and whether there’s a leaf or worm in them. My little’s favorite was of course finding all the ones with worms in them. 

You could also add in some counting work and new vocabulary words with these. 

A for "Apple" Coloring Sheet

A super simple apple activity for preschoolers is an “A for Apple” coloring sheet

Ironically, my preschooler got this coloring page at her gymnastics class during our apple week, but I believe the original source for the free sheet is over at Super Coloring

You can also do a quick Google search to find loads more of free coloring sheets. 

Scissor Skills

This magnetic apple tree was so much for picking apples and working on our scissor skills. We also worked on sorting our colors and using bird tweezers to catch the worms. 

I don’t think this exact tree is available on Amazon anymore, but there’s a few other magnetic apple trees on there and you could just pick up a fine motor tool set to go with. 

Apple Pie Play Dough

Apple pie play dough was probably one of the top faves out of all of our apple activities. We had great success using this recipe from Natural Beach Living. The texture was right on point and it smelled amazing

My preschooler, toddler, and I had so much fun molding and cutting apples with this dough. The toddler may have even sneaked a few bites in. Haha. 

The blue apple cookie cutter actually came in a variety pack from our local dollar tree, but I’m sure you could find some on Amazon as well. 

Apple Counting

I saved as many red caps as I could from our kids’ food pouches (such an easy way to get them to eat veggies.) for an easy counting activity

Each day of the week I would set out a different number of “apples” and have my preschooler count them as she placed them on her tree. You could also have your preschooler count them as he/she picks them off the tree. 

I just made this tree in Canva, but I’m sure you could find many free printables from a quick Google search. 

I always like to keep our papers in a laminated binder sheet as well to help keep them in prime condition, so we can reuse them. 

Apple Themed Books

You can’t have an apple unit study without all of your favorite apple books! Apples, Apples and Pumpkins, and Ten Apples Up On Top!, are all huge hits in our home. But you can find a full list of our favorite apple themed preschool books here

Apple Picking at the Orchard

Apple picking is a fine way to start or end your apple unit study. You get to get outside, enjoy nature, and taste some mighty delicious apples

So round up the kiddos and head out to an orchard near you!

Get Baking in the Kitchen

Allow your preschooler to help you in the kitchen and make some delicious apple goods. You could make: 

  • Apple pie
  • Apple crisp
  • Applesauce
  • Apple muffins 

And the list goes on. Baking together allows you two to bond, as well as your preschooler working on counting, measuring, scooping, pouring, and enjoying good food

Apple Sensory Bin

Photo provided by Teaching 2 & 3 Year Olds

This fall apple sensory bin is so much fun for toddlers and preschoolers. Such a great way for little ones to explore their senses, enhance their fine motor skills, and get familiar with apples

Be sure to head on over to Teaching 2 & 3 Year Olds to see what all they put in their apple sensory bin. 

Applesauce Writing

Writing in different textures, such as sand, salt, and even applesauce, is such a fun way for your preschooler to work on their writing skills without starting formal lessons. 

I simply spread out some applesauce in a red Tupperware lid and found an “A” puzzle piece for my preschooler to copy. She loved writing her A’s (for applesauce!) and licking her fingers afterwards. She then went on to eat the entire lid of applesauce of course. 🙂 

Apple Crafts

Photo provided by A More Crafty Life.

Can’t forget the crafts! 

We usually do quite a bit of crafts in our homeschool, as my little girl could sit there painting and coloring for hours. 

There’s so many fun apple crafts out there to choose from, but I really like this list from A More Crafty Life

My preschooler really enjoyed the apple stamp bugs and the stained glass apple

Happy Apple Learning!

I hope this list gave you some great ideas to add to your apple unit study.

Be sure to comment below with your favorite apple activities and share this post with other preschool parents and teachers. 

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